Outsourced Sales VP

If your organization is currently without a sales VP, hiring an outsourced leader on a temporary or part time basis may be ideal. Outsourcing the management of your sales efforts allows you to put people and systems in place before making an investment in this executive role or allow a CEO/GM to focus on other areas without the expense of a full-time headcount.  These arrangements can be part-time, full-time, short-term, long-term or project based.

Following an  initial short assessment, an interim sales and marketing leader can do all or some of the following:


  • Work directly with CEO/GM  on sales and marketing growth plans
  • Develop or refine a sales process
  • Oversee lead generation process
  • Oversee generation of any outgoing lead messaging, campaigns, events, webinars, etc.
  • Refine marketing collateral and presentations
  • Review and update sales proposals
  • Develop or oversee partner/channel model


  • Provide direction to sales and/or marketing teams
  • Evaluate personnel
  • Source and hire necessary resources
  • Build job descriptions
  • Hold key stakeholders accountable to metrics
  • Assist in and/or coach sales calls
  • Generate a playbook
  • Provide deal strategy
  • Review demo or POC process
  • Build and/or manage forecasting and pipeline model
  • Coach on negotiations
  • Work with key stakeholders to develop training programs


  • Develop and execute an Outbound and/or Inbound marketing plan
  • Implement or improve a CRM and/or marketing automation system
  • Develop key sales and marketing metrics
  • Review and refine pricing models
  • Build or modify quota and commission models
  • Evaluate territories

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